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100% non-chemical, electronic surfactant technology, seamlessly implemented into your irrigation system

Originating from the oil & gas industry, and trusted by Fortune 100 companies, power plants, and tens of thousands of homeowners, Flow-Tech has introduced their technology to the world of agriculture. Backed by leading university studies dozens of field trials, Flow-Tech's water treatment technology has been validated as an electronic surfactant when applied to an irrigation system. After establishing baseline data and implementing Flow-Tech, making the right adjustments to your irrigation practices are crucial.​

Flow-Tech is utilized by...

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Improved absorption

With a reduced surface tension, Flow-Tech treated water is able to spread laterally and be absorbed by the soil more easily. The result includes an increased efficiency of irrigation, more plant available nutrients, and the ability to reduce overall water use.


Calcium scale is wiped away

Just as Flow-Tech is utilized in industrial and commercial scale control applications, the non-chemical technology prevents stubborn scaling and reduces the need for acid dosing.

Watch a success story.

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