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Dynamic Irrigation Recommendation Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
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DIRT-AI Nodes, capable of remotely monitoring multiple Climate and Irrigation sensors, read and monitor the RF Energy produced by Flow-Tech Grow signal generators. DIRT-AI software charts and graphs hourly-information and sends - Instant - Threshold Alerts - protecting crops and saving valuable time, energy, and labor.


DIRT-AI machine learning software - first - captures, cleanses, and stores Field sensor data to provide growers higher degrees of predictive monitoring to adjust farming practices resembling the highest efficiencies/results growing Seasons.

  • Customizable machine learning software receives the Growers data, privately, and with an ever increasing range of temporal/spatial sensor and farming data; i.e. Operator-uploaded labor, disease, pest, spray, and yield data, etc .

  • The breadth, accuracy, and benefits of learnable Predictive Monitoring increases proportionally to the Operator's commitment to provide operations' data from which DIRT-AI may analyze.

  • Over multiple seasons, with more and more farming data from which to Learn, the Mission of DIRT-AI provides evermore Precise and Actionable Recommendations from which to Grow!

  • and... most importantly, the Operator owns the destiny of their coveted DATA.

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WaterPoint Installed 1st Nodes, May 2024!




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