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Sustainability and Yields by Irrigation Efficiency


17 seasons helping farmers


use less water


and energy


Reduce Costs

and Increase Yields

WaterPoint is an irrigation consultancy firm based in the Pacific Northwest whose founder, Bill Terry, in 2007, began developing and delivering ag technologies to growers of permanent and row crops and, today is managing technologies for over 9,500 acres in four states.

We offer a unique approach to irrigation that reduces inputs and maximizes outputs anchored by the chemical-free water treatment of Flow-Tech Grow's electronic surfactant technology.


After establishing baseline data and implementing Flow-Tech Grow's technology, we help growers understand the quickened infiltration patterns resulting from electronically treated water. Supported by sophisticated sensor data, we help growers bridge those first difficult steps to adjust hard-learned irrigation practices to embrace new and more objective irrigation scheduling practices, urged by empirical data.

​With several seasons of successful and replicatable field trials and university studies and with a loyal clientele of repeat customers, we're excited to provide and implement these game-changing solutions beyond the Pacific Northwest, in 2023, to the greater agriculture irrigation community of professionals.

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