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" Change is difficult to face ...

... when I’m sure my way is working and then someone tells me that I could possibly farm more efficiently!"

Juliana Moulten - Evergreen Farms, Brooks, OR

Case Study # 12

Case Studies

2016 to 2021

July-Aug '21

Used 36% and 48% 

less water, yet "Outyield"

 neighboring farms


Open PDF Report for details on how D.I.R.T. irrigation strategies, at Evergreen Farms, resulted in Higher Yield with Less Water, in the record-breaking heat of 2021.

Click on Valve for Interview Excerpt

Case Study # 06


Irrigating Less

with Enhanced Absorption

Nets over 5 T/ac

Russet Potatoes

By closely monitoring the treated water's enhanced absorption and managing its retention during tuber bulking - Yields Improved by over 5 T/ac.

July 2019

"What am I gonna do with all this water...

I can skip days watering"

open PDF for Yield summary and Nutrient Uptake report details 

Case Study # 09

Spring, 2021

Treated well water
Precipitates Iron 
and is visible when
backflushing the
sand media filters

The backstory:


In 2020, WaterPoint replaced the Chlorine Dioxide water treatment with Flow-Tech Grow electronics and successfully reduced counts of Total Coliform and E.coli in the irrigation water pumped from the Willamette River. 

In spring of 2021, before setting the river pump station, the farm's well provides irrigation. The farm manager noticed the precipitated Iron turned the backflushed water orange - said, "it's like a cream cycle" and shot this video. The dog's doing fine, btw...

open PDF for detailed surface water - irrigation Bio Control Report

Case Study # 03

OSU Control Drip.jpg

2017 - OSU Labs

site in progress

2022 Case Study # write-up in progress

One Season of RF Energized Water Accumulated Precipitated-Minerals

We had lots of questions about RF water-treatment, in the beginning. 8-seasons later, got lots of answers... so, ask away!


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